Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thornton Aircraft Company

Thornton Aircraft Company specializes in the restoration, sale and maintenance of Northrop T-38 and F-5 aircraft. To date, seven restoration projects have been completed, three of which have been sold to outside customers.

Since 1984 Thornton Aircraft Company has provided a variety of aviation services to corporate, aerospace and entertainment industries and individuals. These services include:

Turbine Aircraft Maintenance, Overhaul & Restoration
Prototype Development and Fabrication
Flight Test Support
Television and Motion Picture Flight Services
Military Jet Sales
Flight Training
Parts Support
Our company has operated two of these aircraft for research and development services and motion picture and television productions for many years. We currently have several completed aircraft in stock or in the process of being restored.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Private Jet Charter and Aircraft

Executive Jet Management has one of the largest charter fleets in the U.S. and includes some of the newest, most sought-after aircraft available today

The Right Private Aircraft

When you fly with Executive Jet Management, you have access to one of the largest private charter fleets in the U.S., including some of the newest, most sought-after aircraft. We manage and operate over 100 aircraft -- most of which are available for private charter -- and have access to a carefully selected and audited network of hundreds more. Our private aircraft fleet includes Gulfstreams, Challengers, Citations, Falcons, Hawkers, and Learjets.

Your Perfect Match

Your dedicated Jet Charter Services Manager will work with you before each trip to determine the best jet for you based on availability and your specific needs -- choosing from over 30 types of jets in a variety of small, mid-size and large cabin classes. Or, for your convenience, try our Which Jet is Right for You? - Interactive Tool, which will help you understand how the jets differ and provide some guidelines for choosing the type of private aircraft that best suit your travel requirements.

Not only do we provide the right jet to meet your specific travel needs, you can rest assured that all the private aircraft in our fleet meet our exacting standards for operational safety and security. To find out more, read about Our Safety and Security Standards and Our Operational Standards

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Diamond Aircraft

WHY DIAMOND. A Family Business. A Global Company.
Developing and building a family of aircraft takes a long-term commitment and an unwavering vision - it's not for the faint of heart. Diamond not only has the vision and resources, but an owner who embodies the spirit of innovation.

With the passion of an accomplished pilot, and the vision of a successful entrepreneur, Christian Dries has led Diamond Aircraft's growth from building only a single motorglider to offering general aviation's most innovative and diverse family of personal and business aircraft. The growth of the Diamond Aircraft family exemplifies his personal commitment to delivering aircraft that pilots want.

DEALERS & SUPPORT. Locate a Dealer or Service Center Near You.
Locally owned and operated, Diamond Distributors know your market and work with you as you research your first or next plane to buy. They don't look at aircraft ownership as one-size-fits-all. They take the time to listen to your goals and concerns, and determine the different missions you'll fly. Because they're able to sell a full line of planes, they can help you select the best aircraft, or progression of aircraft, that's right for you, and help you trade up when the time comes.
Each company is in business with Diamond for the long run, and is there to support you after you buy - whether it's flight training, getting your aircraft serviced, or installing upgrades in your aircraft - our team is there to help. Most Diamond Distributors also offer their own service facilities, but you can also find maintenance assistance from our network of independent Diamond Authorized Service Centers.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Qantas Airways – The Spirit of Australia

You can easily search for discounted flights for Qantas Airways with us at Flight Centre. Qantas Airways flies to over 80 destinations, within Australia and around the world. Whether travelling to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, the Gold Coast, Darwin, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Queenstown or internationally to exotic locations such as London, Frankfurt, Hawaii, Mumbai and Tokyo, Qantas Airways will get you there safely. And if you happen to find a cheaper available price for Qantas Airfares, we'll beat it.

Qantas in renowned for it’s safety culture and service standards. It is also recognised as Australia ’s airline, which is reinforced through Qantas’ service, staff, food and wine.
Founded in 1920, Qantas Airways is the world’s second oldest airline. Today, Qantas Airways is the largest airlines in Australia, and one of the largest airlines in the world. The Qantas brand is globally recognized and the "flying kangaroo" continues to grow as one of Australia ’s strongest brands.

Business Class
Qantas International Business customers enjoy the privacy and comfort of the award winning Skybed to sleep, work or just settle back and relax. Customers can dine from the Neil Perry designed menu in full restaurant style or select the express meal option. The onboard Sommelier will be able to advise customers on the perfect wine accompaniment for every dish on the menu and when customers are ready to settle back and get some rest, customers can slip into comfy Morrisey Pyjamas.

Qantas International Business features the award winning state-of-the-art sleeper seat Skybed:
A cocoon-style seat which provides maximum privacy;
6 feet, 6.5 inches long with extensive seat adjustment controls;
Cushioned lumbar support and back massage features;
26.4cm screen with multi-channel entertainment;
PC outlet allowing laptops to be used without the need for adaptor cables;
SMS service accessed via the in-seat telephone, with a inflight reply facility that is a world first; and
Range of storage options including shoe cupboard, glove box for spectacles and travel documents and a water bottle holder.

Qantas Airways - Australia
Qantas airlines service over 50 destinations within Australia. These destinations range from major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, to regional destinations such as Mount Isa, Karratha and Alice Springs.
Domestic passengers are offered Business and Economy class. For Qantas flights during the week between Australia 's major business centres, the airline offers their Cityflyer service. Cityflyer is designed to make flying with Qantas Airways more convenient more business travelers. The service includes flexible fares, online check-in, Qantas Frequent Flyer points, and valet parking.

Qantas Airlines - International
Qantas airlines fly to over 20 international destinations in 15 different countries. From Paris to Bangkok, Johannesburg to Beijing, Qantas airlines will get you there safely!
Qantas Airways offer international travelers three classes of service to meet your specific travel needs. Passengers can choice between First Class, International Business, and International Economy. Qantas’ International Business class includes Skybed seats, which convert into the world’s longest business class bed.
Are you looking for cheap domestic travel? Search and compare Qantas airfares with Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Australian Airlines and Rex (Regional Express Airlines) with Flight Centre.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The history of BERIEV Aircraft company traces back to October 1, 1934.

This date is considered as the starting point for Taganrog Central Design Bureau of Seaplane Manufacturing organized at the facilities of Aircraft Plant №31. The engineer Georgy M. Beriev became the Chief Designer of the Bureau. At that time, the Design Bureau was mainly engaged in seaplane construction.

Throughout the 70 years of its history, BERIEV has demonstrated exceptional creativity and has contributed immensely to the development of Russian science and technology, first and foremost in the field of seaplanes and amphibian aircraft construction.

The MBR-2 short-range reconnaissance aircraft, KOR-1 (Be-2) and KOR-2 (Be-4) ship-borne seaplanes designed in prewar years were used to advantage by the Navy during World War II.
Within the time period from the '40s to '60s, a number of worldwide-known seaplanes were designed for sea frontier patrolling (Be-6 flying boat, Be-10 jet seaplane, and Be-12 amphibian, the largest at that time). But seaplane construction was not the only domain of Taganrog Design Bureau. In those years, the specialists of the Bureau were also engaged in designing the P-10 flying bomb for submarine armament.

In 1968 BERIEV designed Be-30 (Be-32) short-haul aircraft. In the '70s and '80s, BERIEV considerably expanded its scope of design work. Those years are remarkable for the development of strategic arms integrated systems (the A-50 airborne early warning and guidance system and the TU-142MR super-long-range liaison system) on the base of the existing carrier aircraft. BERIEV also participated in designing the "Buran" space shuttle.

1986 was the year of maiden flight of the A-40 versatile amphibian, the largest in the world. A-42PE patrol, search and rescue amphibian was designed on the base of the A-40 amphibian.

Now, along with being a defense contractor, BERIEV Aircraft Company is engaged in civil projects. An example of this is the Be-200 versatile civil amphibian developed by BERIEV. The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has already got two Be-200ES version aircraft in operation. The serial production is kept on, with one aircraft produced each year. In August/September 2004, the Be-200ES aircraft demonstrated successful operation in Italy under an agreement between BERIEV and SOREM, the latter being the official firefighting aircraft operator authorized by the Civil Defense Department (Protezione Civile) of Italy.

In August/September 2004, the Be-200ES aircraft demonstrated successful operation in Italy under an agreement between BERIEV and SOREM, the latter being the official firefighting aircraft operator authorized by the Civil Defense Department (Protezione Civile) of Italy.
Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Production Association is engaged in serial production of Be-103 light amphibian. This amphibian has a Type Certificate issued by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the USA.

Jointly with other Russian companies, BERIEV is taking part in the program of designing a family of RRJ new-generation short-range airliners. Another important field of work for BERIEV is AEW aircraft projects. The development of an aircraft provided with special airborne system for momentary and high-precision transport of energy to remote objects was started in the late '70s and is kept on at present time.

Now BERIEV has a number of different amphibian aircraft projects at the development stage. Among them there are super-heavy seaplanes with take-off mass up to 2500 ton.

Since the date of foundation, BERIEV Aircraft Company specialists have designed 29 types of aircraft for various purposes; 14 of these aircraft have been in serial production. 228 world aviation records have been broken by pilots flying BERIEV seaplanes and amphibians constructed at different times. The records are registered and acknowledged by the International Aviation Federation. In the course of research and development work, BERIEV specialists have received more than 900 certificates of authorship and patents for the designed aircraft and their structural components. In November 1989 BERIEV Aircraft Company became the only defense industry enterprise to win the Prize for Quality awarded by the Government of Russia.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maverick Jets & Advanced Composite Solutions

Maverick Jets recently acquired major interest in Advanced Composite Solutions, LLC (“ACS”),, with primary headquarters at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida, airport. ACS is an engineering company specializing in composite materials technology with major applications to the development and construction of light aircraft and other high performance composite designs. ACS was founded over a decade ago by professionals with vast accumulated experience in the international aeronautic industry. Besides engineering services now in a variety of venues, some of the main current activity of ACS is the production of the MySky MS-1 a two seat light sport aircraft, the development and integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and now with one of its most exciting projects ever, the world’s first “2nd Generation Personal Jets” — the Maverick SmartJET!

In addition to this, Maverick Jets has also recently acquired major interest in Tiger Composites, LTD, located at Bang Pli, Thailand, an advanced composite company that serves in an affective and complementary way to our Florida ACS company. This is Maverick’s latest acquisition. Tiger has been a rapidly growing composite company for many reasons. It too, not only has superior and experienced engineers but an enormous and highly skilled labor pool. It was acquired to help guarantee to meet the enormous demand for Maverick’s SmartJETS.

Maverick’s SmartJET, being the least expensive personal jet on the market to purchase and the least expensive to operate, is preparing to break all aviation and transportation history and is determined to deliver SmartJETS to customers at an unprecedented rate.Even with Maverick Jets building into a major national/international company it still has the spirit of a small personal company simply wanting to be the best and help every man in the world have his own personal jet!Let us know how we can help you get into one of your own personal Maverick SmartJETS.Flying Maverick’s Personal Jets since the 90’s, its LEADER Jets . . . and now Maverick’s new 2nd Generation Personal SmartJETS…Yours to change the world of travel,Jim McCotterMaverick Jets“World’s First Personal Jets”

Monday, September 1, 2008


Boeing's 747 made its inaugural flight on February 9, 1969.
The 747's enormous size, along with its signature fuselage "hump," has made it the most recognized commercial jet airliner in the world. But the plane almost never got off the drawing boards. Just as Boeing agreed in 1965 to develop the 747 at Pan Am's urging, the Lyndon Johnson Administration embarked on a national austerity program. Pan Am's Juan Trippe personally intervened on the plane's behalf, convincing President Johnson that the 747's continued development was indeed in the nation's best interests, even during times of economic distress. Among the arguments for its survival was the fact that the enormous plane's economy of scale would allow more people to fly for less money.

The "Everyman Plane," as it was dubbed, has been so successful that four different versions of the 747 have been produced over the past three decades since the plane was first introduced. More than 1,200 747s have been delivered since Pan Am became the first airliner to put the jet into service on its New York-to-London route in 1970. Among the most noteworthy 747s were the two delivered in 1990 to serve as the United States' official presidential air transport - Air Force One.

More than 30 years after its introduction, the 747 remains the world's largest commercial passenger jet, able to accommodate as many as 490 passengers.The Boeing 747 truly represents the current peak of passenger aircraft development. At 150 feet, the 747's economy section alone is longer than the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk. It is the largest passenger jet currently in service, seating up to 524 people. With a width of over 19 feet, the 747 appears from inside the cabin to be enclosed by nearly vertical fuselage walls. The plane can stay aloft for 17-hour flights, storing fuel in the tail structure as well as in the wings and fuselage. With a range of 8,430 statute miles, the 747 can easily connect such far-flung cities as Los Angeles-to-Hong Kong, San Francisco-to-Sydney and Singapore-to-London.

The Boeing 747 was honored with a United States postage stamp as one of the most significant technological advances of the 20th Century - along with the Wright Brothers' first flight and Charles Lindbergh's crossing of the Atlantic. To compete with Airbus' double-decker passenger jet, the A380, Boeing has on the drawing board two new 747s - the 747X and the 747X Stretch. The X-model will have a maximum seating capacity of 442 and be able to travel more than 10,300 miles. The stretch-type would be able to carry its 522 passengers 9,000 miles. If development continues as planned, either of these planes could take to the skies as early as 2005.