Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Maverick Jets & Advanced Composite Solutions

Maverick Jets recently acquired major interest in Advanced Composite Solutions, LLC (“ACS”), http://www.advancedcompositesolution.com/, with primary headquarters at the New Smyrna Beach, Florida, airport. ACS is an engineering company specializing in composite materials technology with major applications to the development and construction of light aircraft and other high performance composite designs. ACS was founded over a decade ago by professionals with vast accumulated experience in the international aeronautic industry. Besides engineering services now in a variety of venues, some of the main current activity of ACS is the production of the MySky MS-1 a two seat light sport aircraft, the development and integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems and now with one of its most exciting projects ever, the world’s first “2nd Generation Personal Jets” — the Maverick SmartJET!

In addition to this, Maverick Jets has also recently acquired major interest in Tiger Composites, LTD, located at Bang Pli, Thailand, an advanced composite company that serves in an affective and complementary way to our Florida ACS company. This is Maverick’s latest acquisition. Tiger has been a rapidly growing composite company for many reasons. It too, not only has superior and experienced engineers but an enormous and highly skilled labor pool. It was acquired to help guarantee to meet the enormous demand for Maverick’s SmartJETS.

Maverick’s SmartJET, being the least expensive personal jet on the market to purchase and the least expensive to operate, is preparing to break all aviation and transportation history and is determined to deliver SmartJETS to customers at an unprecedented rate.Even with Maverick Jets building into a major national/international company it still has the spirit of a small personal company simply wanting to be the best and help every man in the world have his own personal jet!Let us know how we can help you get into one of your own personal Maverick SmartJETS.Flying Maverick’s Personal Jets since the 90’s, its LEADER Jets . . . and now Maverick’s new 2nd Generation Personal SmartJETS…Yours to change the world of travel,Jim McCotterMaverick Jets“World’s First Personal Jets”


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